All processors are manufactured in accordance with the following rules:

  • Presidential Decree 547, 27/04/55 and subsequent additions
  • Norma CEI28 No-3 796 “Recommendations for the Coordination of insulating”
  • No CEI 14-4 609 “Power Transformers”
  • No CEI 14-8 1162 “Power Transformers Dry”

The respect of the application of these standards is guaranteed by the company quality.

Built with sheet iron cold-rolled silicon crystal with carlyte oriented, with low losses and high permeability. They are vertical columns with the appropriate channels of circulation for cooling oil cut at 45 degrees.

The winding of BT (secondary), adjacent to the three columns, is a continuous band of copper in flat or slab, while that of Acts (primary) is normally in alternating layers with concentric cylinders of paper, it still adopts the a classic chicken overlapping in some cases for special needs. Both types are constructive perfectly capable of withstanding the rigors of both permanent and electrical impulse to the efforts electrodynamic. The conductors used in the construction of windings of copper are 99.9 complies with CEI, insulated paper of pure cellulose or enamel of different types depending on the class of insulation

They are made of mild steel sheet, fitted with radiators, these boxes are painted inside with enamel coating heat resistant to oil, especially outside and anti later with the final painting.

Unified type (UNEL) and a rupture are easily replaceable from the outside.

Type at 3 or 5 positions with mechanical controls operated from a transformer off.


  • Conservative oil
  • Gauge
  • Switch to AT normally provided 3 or 5 positionsand allows adjustment of +- 5% or +- 2 x 2,5%
  • Roll purge
  • Exhaust
  • Plate features
  • Well thermometric
  • Lifting eyebolts
  • Wheeled cart with adjustable


  • Drier air silica gel
  • Bucholz two relay contacts
  • Thermometer to two electrical contacts
  • Filling with liquid ininfiammabile
  • Gauge with electrical contacts
  • Valve filter attack
  • Hire centralization of the servants auxiliary
  • Protective box insulators
  • Cable mitts

Verify that the processors into the temperatures do not exceed the limits prescribed by the rules. Use the appropriate cables according to the current game and the capacity of the terminals. In addition to special care not to tighten the insulating sheaths under the terminal screws. In fact, a bad contact can lead to localized heating that can lead to damage to components. The installation and replacement of transformers is to be performed by qualified persons.

icon Specifications and electrical transformers oil type MEC/ENEL (191.03 kB)

icon Specifications and electrical transformers oil type RR (191.02 kB)

icon Specifications and electrical transformers oil type NORMAL (184.63 kB)

icon Assembly instructions (54.14 kB)