All processors are manufactured in accordance with the following rules:

  • Presidential Decree 547, 27/04/55 and subsequent additions
  • Norma CEI28 No-3 796 “Recommendations for the

Coordination of insulating”

  • No CEI 14-4 609 “Power Transformers”
  • No CEI 14-8 1162 “Power Transformers Dry”

The respect of the application of these standards is guaranteed by the company quality.

Built with sheet iron oriented silicon crystal, with isolated carlyte, cut into shapes with a impaginatura come to 45th and three vertical columns. Cutting and fitting figure executed with special equipment to minimize the loss of work. Columns blocked with ligatures tape HEAT-SHRINKABLE, yokes tight with metal armor isolated from strips and suitable for a tightening is correct winding of BT and AT. A core mounted runs a dual surface coating, so as to ensure protection even in particularly aggressive and get in exercise, a significant reduction of noise.

Built with conductor in aluminum tape (rules UNI4507) connected with corners, insulated with special film lacquered with resin. The reels are made by wrapping the same tape conductor, the insulation of blows and ends with semi-automatic winding to obtain a compact set
high standards and to safely withstand the forces of radial compression short circuit. A subsequent vacuum resin-made and followed by treatment hardening in the oven so in time from the winding infiltration of moisture. The terminal connections to cables or pipes bars,
appropriately shaped and welded during the avvolgitura, are built from flat conductor with electrolytic copper surface.

Achieved with single coils made of wire or aluminum tape interavvolte with insulating film, aligned in a separate mold in which, after treatment heating, vacuum, is casting epoxy resin loaded. Following the process of polymerization and relaxation with time and temperature control is achieved with a compact column windings protected by appropriate thickness of resin to ensure the isolation:
- The spire,
- Reels column,
- Between the columns,
- With the secondary
- With the mass without the initiation of partial discharge.
This technology allows you to build columns whose tenants are protected from moisture and other environmental agents aggressive. The resin used possesses excellent characteristics in flash and self-extinguishing.

Special terminal blocks provided on each of the columns and AT operable transformer off from BT and AT networks allow adjustment of the ratio of processing for changes +-2 x 2,5%.


The windings MT and BT are incurred and recorded by media insulating elastic attached at the framework of the the nucleus. These media can offset the extensions axially stations and reduce vibration due to changes in loading operation.

- Insulators bearing bush with threaded connections for AT line
- Plates of attack to link BT and neutral
- Terminal blocks for exchange-tension AT + 2 x 2,5%
- Attacks to tow
- Adjustable cart with wheels (UNEL21011-88) for the movement in both directions from
- Plaque features (UNEL21014-88)
- Ground terminal (UNEL21005-74)
- Three termosonde located in each column with BToutputs listed in box centralization

- The shielding a removable front panel
- Support for anti-wheeled cart
- Liaison with AT line connectors Removable
- Thermo probe for core
- Instrument warning indicator of temperature contacts with alarm and release
- Groups of forced ventilation

Verify that the processors into the temperatures do not exceed the limits prescribed by the rules. Use the appropriate cables according to the current game and the capacity of the terminals. In addition to special care not to tighten the insulating sheaths under the terminal
screws. In fact, a bad contact can lead to localized heating that can lead to damage to components. The installation and replacement of transformers is to be performed by qualified persons.

icon Specifications and electrical resin transformers CLASS 17.5 Kv (187.54 kB)

icon Specifications and electrical resin transformers CLASS 24 Kv (187.53 kB)

icon Assembly instructions (54.14 kB)