GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS The toroidal transformers used in this catalog are designed and implemented with the following characteristics:

  • Core orientai grain silicon iron with low losses.
  • Design and use of materials and thermal insulation of high class to ensure both high performance at nominal load is a resistance to prolonged overload;
  • Accurate implementation of all output (hollow interior, external sockets, terminals, etc.). To ensure, in any case the fundamental requirement of isolation.
  • Tapes essential to ensure the best insulation.



  • Frequency-Rated
  • The processors are designed for the frequency of 50Hz, but can also function properly at 60Hz.
  • Tensions
    Tensions of entry are admitted voltage indicated by plate affixed to the product.

Output voltage: refer to the primary voltage rating, with nominal load and power factor of 1.
The voltage drops vacuum are particularly dependent on output. In the product details listed in the catalog
shows the data referred to:

  • Short-circuit voltage expressed as a percentage of nominal voltage primary;
  • Voltage drop vacuum charged as a percentage of secondary voltage;
  • Maximum power apparent rush to download secondary function of power factor of load;
  • Low consumption vacuum and dependents.

The toroidal transformers built to be installed in premises used for medical purposes must be equipped electrostatic screen as specified by the standard EN 61558 “General requirements for safety of electrical appliances.”
The screen electrostatic between primary and secondary education that avoids the eddy current on the electricity grid are found on the secondary involvement and endangering the patient.
If you also will not be specified use, toroidal transformer will be provided non-screen.

Verify that the processors into the temperatures do not exceed the limits prescribed by the rules.
Use the appropriate cables according to the current game. In addition to special care not to tighten the insulating sheaths under the terminal screws. In fact, a bad contact can lead to localized heating that can lead to damage to components.
The installation and replacement of transformers is to be performed by qualified persons.

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