The three-phase transformers used in this catalog are designed and implemented with the following

  • Cores made with metal magnetic crystal oriented to low loss. The sizes are contained,
  • Vacuum impregnation with thermosetting polyester resin class > or = F throughout the processor,
  • Connections made through terminal blocks or similar type and adapted to the current working system for tightening conductors safe against autoallentamento. For currents above the 90/100A connections are made with sturdy terminal.
  • Implementation of the processors according to customer requirements with the possibility of mounting horizontally. (We recommend a reduction of the power drawn by the processor by about 10% compared to its power when the processor is installed horizontally.)
  • They can also be supplied in container sheet steel with a degree of protection IP23.
  • UL/CSA File E309790.



  • Frequency-Rated
    The processors are designed for the frequency of 50Hz, but can also function properly at 60Hz.
  • Tensions
    Tensions of entry are admitted voltage indicated by plate affixed to the product.
    Output voltage: refer to the primary voltage rating, with nominal load and power factor of 1.

The voltage drops vacuum are particularly dependent on output. In the product details listed in the catalog shows the data referred to:

  • Short-circuit voltage expressed as a percentage of nominal voltage primary;
  • Voltage drop vacuum charged as a percentage of secondary voltage;
  • Maximum power apparent rush to download secondary function of power factor of the load.


The table shows the conventional names corresponding to the connection of primary and secondary windings and groups normally used and preferred. Usually the three-phase transformers are AHU made with primary and secondary windings connected to the star with neutral accessible.
At the request of the terminal primary windings are taken to the terminal to allow connection to the star or triangle to work with reduced tensions relationship V3.
The three-phase transformers are AHU normally made in implementing open with a degree of protection IP00. However, they may also be supplied in container sheet steel painted with a degree of protection IP23


Verify that the processors into the temperatures do not exceed the limits prescribed by the rules.
Use the appropriate cables according to the current game and the capacity of the terminals. In addition to special care not to tighten the insulating sheaths under the terminal screws. In fact, a bad contact can lead to localized heating that can lead to damage to components.
The installation and replacement of transformers is to be performed by qualified persons.

icon Three phase trasformer (165.33 kB)

icon Tested three phase trasformer approved UL/CSA (166.47 kB)

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